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Main issues

Firstly, of course we want people to have fun in role play, but other wikis have this issue, and we want to be clean of it.

Make sure if you want to role play keep it in a blogpost. If you start a forum, or post it in comments on articles, it will be removed without notice. If you do it again, you will receive a 1 week block.

If after a block you continue to moan about it. You will receive another 1 week block, etc.. Until you stop. If after 10 blocks you will receive a PERMANENT ban.

We want to tackle bullying, so we made a board! We hope you continue to take good use of this board on how you can find ways to tackle bullying!

We have reporting of bullying. I am being bullied and I wil not mention how by but it is not nice. If this person continues they will receive a 2 week ban.

Thanks for reading our first monthly newsletter!

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thanks for being sarcastic

What? I wasn't! That's the monthly newsletter!

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